Word Wiz Lite launched by Maavratech

    August 16, 2012

    Word Wiz Lite is a free word puzzle game developed by Maavratech. It is a really fun and addictive game in which a player has to make maximum words possible out of a set of 9 randomly chosen letters. The player has to make these words with in a time-frame of 60 seconds as a result making the game quite challenging.

    Word Wiz Lite is quite simple with a very little learning curve but to master it and to make high scores you need to play it with a strategy. Each letter has points so the longer the word the more points you make. But this is not the only thing that matters. There is a score multiplier which increments by 1 after each correct word. So the longer combo of words is made the higher the multiplier becomes. This helps in how you plan your words to achieve high scores.

    For Instance if you make shorter words first and then longer words later then you have a better chance to make a high score. If you mix and do things randomly then it will be difficult to get a good score. This adds a little feature of making a strategy while making words. The game also adds an educational part to it. At the end of each round the set of words which could be made with the provided letters are revealed. These words are generated from a vast database of words which we have in our application. As a result giving the opportunity to the player to learn while playing.

    In addition to the above features the game has a nice in game music and sound effects which can turned on or off from the settings menu. One important thing that we would like to add is that this is lighter version of the complete game which is under development. The Word Wiz Pro which would be ready by the end of this year would be a multi-player version of this game where several people can join a room and make words in a round.

    You can download Word Wiz Lite from the Google Play Market. Check out the game and give us your feedback on it.


    Ebook Time Machine: Age of the Emperors on App Store

    February 2, 2012

    A new role playing adventure book named, E-book Time Machine: Age of the Emperors is now live on App Store. This application has been developed by Maavratech for AndUpdward, Inc. The book is about a person traveling through time in different eras and revealing different artifacts while becoming a part of history.

    It is a fun concept targeted towards the younger audience but is a good read for all ages. Do try it out. The following is the link to the app store: